We were creative consultants for Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson's WW1 film project and make programmes for BBC Radio that range from late-night Comedy to documentaries about office cleaners, music, Hollywood stars, History and communities from inner-city Baltimore to the Arctic Circle. Here's The Art Of Living.
We make engaging visual content for charities and ethical companies such as the Open University and the US Science channel Curiosity Stream   
Since 2012, we've produced and directed many best-selling audiobooks and dramatised readings including 'Revolution In The Head - The Beatles Records And The Sixties' read by those who were there and today's famous fans.

Podcasts too, daddio.
For Armistice day 2018, we were commissioned by London's Imperial War Museum to make a broadcast documentary for BBC Radio and a series of short story podcasts with best-selling authors. Here's our recent award-nominated Radio 4 documentary Behind The Scenes with Kwame Kwei Armah 

Peter Curran is lead producer at Foghorn and all our audio work is created with David Thomas, winner of the BBC Sound Designer of the Year Award 2018. 
Over many years, we've built up good relationships with top talent in comedy, music, literature, science and pop culture. If you think this may be useful because you have a story you need to tell in an engaging and original way, have a look at our work and get in touch! 

The Foghorn Company